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> > > Latest FAQs, 19 August 2020:

What exactly will I see when I tune into SuperSport come September 1?
Since the channels are being reconfigured to accommodate the new experience, initially a notice advising that the channel is under construction will be aired.
This will be followed by another notice confirming the channel (eg. 211 – The Home of SuperSport Rugby, etc).
Normal programming will resume by midday on September 1.
The reconfiguration is a massive task that includes channel numbers moving, audio options being adjusted, programme guides shifting to reflect the correct programming information, etc. The move to thematic channels is intended to enhance the viewer experience while ensuring that SuperSport’s high technical standards are maintained.

I've heard that SuperSport will be off air for some time - is this correct?
Yes, the configuration process is intended to start by 11pm on August 31 but will not affect any channels carrying live events. These channels will only be reconfigured upon conclusion of the live broadcast.
At 11pm those channels that are not carrying live events will switch to a notice advising that the channels are under construction.
SuperSport programming will resume by midday on September 1.

What about live WWE - how will I be able to watch?
RAW, which goes out live on a Tuesday morning, will be available on the WWE channel 128.

Is any other live sport affected during this time?
US Open tennis (if it goes ahead).
Caribbean Premier League cricket.

Do I have to adjust any settings on my decoder or television to receive the thematic channels?
Subscribers must go to All Channels to pick up the changes.
If the services are not visible under All Channels after midday on September 1, 2020, subscriber will need to reboot/rescan.
After reboot/rescan, go to All Channels to pick up changes.

Would I be able to catch the live sport that I’ve missed during the changeover on Catch Up (US Open and Caribbean Premier League cricket)?
Yes, all Catch Up packages are unaffected and will be available as normal.

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What are SuperSport Thematic Channels?
SuperSport is adding additional channels of local and international sporting content to the DStv bouquet, and naming them channels for the sport they carry, in a shift away from the current number-based system.

When will the new channels be added onto my package?
The new channels will be added onto the DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, GOtv Max and Plus package on Tuesday, 01 September 2020 at 01:00 not confirmed as yet am CAT.

Why are the channels being renamed and why is my favourite sport moving to a different channel number?
SuperSport shows more live sport than any other broadcaster in the world, and as much as all these options are incredibly valuable to fans, the sheer depth and breadth of content can make it difficult to find what they’re looking for.
Fans of Rugby, Cricket, English Premier League and PSL are used to finding their favourite sport on specific channels, but other sporting codes tend to be broadcast on different channels, depending on the time and day.
Exhaustive market research has also shown that sports fans would find it easier to enjoy the sport of their choice on a dedicated, named channel.

Do customers need to do anything to get the new channels?
No - the new channels will be added automatically. However, should you encounter any technical issues, please switch off your decoder and reboot. Or contact MultiChoice and our friendly customer-service team will provide you with further assistance.

What are the channels going to be called and what channels should I expect on my package?
The new strategy will more closely align channel names across the continent and will indicate a clear destination for fans’ favourite sports. A new channel, SuperSport Grandstand, will become the home of the day’s most important live sport and the channels will be renamed and shuffled as per graphic at the top of the page.

With this channel restructuring, does it mean we will not have another price increase?
It is difficult to predict the future. The majority of our input costs are in US dollars and we hope we won’t experience any further currency devaluations or other unexpected increases in costs for the remainder of the year. MultiChoice does not adjust prices each time we add or remove channels on our platforms.
Our revamped GOtv offering will continue to be available at varying pricing points to allow subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety.

How will these changes affect my DStv Now/SuperSport App and Live TV Channels?
All changes that take place on your TV – will also apply to your mobile app channel offering.

Do you believe GOtv is still good value for money?
Yes, we do – we offer the best satellite video entertainment to suit different lifestyles and pockets. Our GOtv customers have access to the hottest local and international shows and movies, top sporting events, as well as the latest news live, world-class documentaries and kids’ shows.

Why are subscribers not able to compile and pay for a specific set of channels to their preference, eg Sports-only bouquet, Movies-only bouquet?
We understand that some of our customers are of the view that they’d save money if they could choose a genre-specific package like sport or put together their own package with only the channels they want. Unfortunately, this view is incorrect.
A large percentage of our costs relates to the acquisition of the rights to broadcast live sports games and premiere entertainment content.
Acquiring these rights is extremely expensive. Our business model is structured on the basis of a number of pre-determined packages. Bundling channels into packages gives our customers the benefits of economies of scale, since the costs of acquiring content are spread across many customers on many packages. In this way, we are able to offer customers a wide range of channels, with the variety they seek, at various price points which are attractive and affordable to a variety of potential customers.
This is the standard business model internationally for Pay TV for the reason that it is the most effective and efficient means of providing a variety of choice to satisfy consumer demand for sport and entertainment, at the lowest possible cost, which is to the benefit of customers.

How do you put together the different package and a price that goes with it?
Pricing is determined by a variety of factors, including the quality and cost of the channels, operating costs, leasing of satellite capacity as well as support services. Each bouquet is designed to meet a range of family viewing needs and is priced accordingly.
A variety of factors can influence the price of the service including the cost of acquiring quality exclusive content and providing it on early release, the cost of transponder capacity, the customer service levels and other investments in creating an enhanced customer experience (e.g., in technology).

When will the TV Guides be updated?
The online and mobile TV Guides on www.dstv.com, www.gotvafrica.com and www.supersport.com, as well as the TV Guide on the decoders will update within hours of the change on 01 September 2020.