FAQs for Business Entities

Please be advised that DStv will be conducting a change to our channel lineup for the SuperSport refresh. The DStv packages refresher will result in SuperSport adopting thematic channels, effectively offering organised and structured sport channels to enhance customers’ viewing pleasure.

If you are an Analogue and Sat IP systems customer (systems that use a standard DStv decoder), we kindly request that you rescan/reboot your decoder on 1 September 2020 from midday onwards (12h00 CAT) to allow for changes to come into an effect.

If you are an IPTV, or Digital Co-Axial customer (whereby services are delivered either through an ethernet cable i.e. IP or delivered using a co-axial cable i.e. DVB-T or DVB-C, over a network please see the FAQs below:

What must I do to ensure a smooth changeover to the SuperSport thematic channels?
On the 1st of September, if you are using an IPtv system, you are required to reconfigure your system. If you are using other systems, you will need to rescan the decoders or reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

The decoders (system) require a reboot/rescan to pick up the changes to take effect.
If any issues arise, please contact your maintenance installer for further assistance.

IPTV or Digital Co-Axial SYSTEMS
Reconfigure headend systems to pick up new naming and reboot STB’s once the system has been reconfigured. (Excluding MAH, which does not have any Appear head-ends any more).

IPTV systems or Digital Co-Axial Systems (that uses CAMs and smart cards) - please refer to the updated frequency document (shared) to set up.

From when exactly can I have this done?
Midday onwards on the 1st of September

Does this involve any additional equipment?
This will depend on the system you are using. No additional equipment is required on analogue systems. On IPtv systems, cams carry a maximum of 6 channels. Depending on the current channel distribution it might be necessary to add another cam.

How much will this cost me if an installer is called out, and who is responsible for covering costs?
There is no cost to the customer for reconfiguration of the system to ensure that the channel changes coming to an effect.
Many of the hotels have contracts with their own maintenance technicians and will do what is necessary given the correct guidelines timeously. In the event where hotels don’t make use of their own technicians the customer can contact MultiChoice for support.
However, should there be additional work required outside this scope, the cost will be quoted and advised to customer.
Once an agreement has been reached, then the work will proceed at client’s cost.

Can this be done remotely, or could I do so myself?
In some cases, this can be done remotely. Your SI should be able to log onto your system and effect the necessary changes.
In other instances, however, the changes must be done physically. Your SI will be able to provide you with this information.

How will I be able to identify the technicians?
The technician who initially installed your system should be able to assist as most of the system will be protected. Alternatively, contact MultiChoice for a recommended SI who will be able to assist you.

I’m very cautious because of the pandemic. Will technicians observe safety and health protocols?
Yes, the technician is required to follow protocols as outlined within the country.

How long will the technicians need to effect the changes?
This is dependent on the systems, and the number of decoders in use.

What if I miss some major sport during this changeover?
Live sport is king, but your favourite content will be available on the Catch Up service.

Will I be losing any content with the changes?
No, the broad content offering remains the same. None of the packages will be worse off. In fact, it will make your viewing experience much better by giving you a clear understanding of what content you will receive on the sport-specific channel.

How many options will I have?
There will be multiple themed channels, including a "Variety" channel offering.
Beyond this, DStv’s new line-up includes ESPN and ESPN 2, on channels 218 and 219.
As before, different packages have access to different channels.

SA contact details - Mudtechsuppport@multichoice.co.za.
Contact email for frequency - DstvBusinessAfrica@multichoice.com

For sub-Saharan businesses, please contact your in-country MultiChoice offices.