Windies Cricket Team

Ruling Body : West Indies Cricket Board
Captain : Jason Holder (Test & ODI), Carlos Brathwaite (T20)
Coach : Joel Garner (interim)
Granted Test status : 1928
Current international ranking : Official ICC rankings
Tests ODIs T20s

P 520, W 165, L 181, D 173, T 1

- P 752, W 377, L 342, T 9, NR 24 - P 82, W 40, L 38, T 1, NR 3
Recent highest test totals:
- 648/9d v Bangladesh (2012)
- 590 v India (2011)
- 580/9d v Sri Lanka (2010)
Recent highest ODI totals:
- 372/2 v Zimbabwe (2015)
- 363/4 v New Zealand (2014)
- 338/7 v Bangladesh (2014)  
Recent highest T20 totals:
- 245/6 v India (2016)
- 236/6 v South Africa (2015)
- 209/2 v New Zealand (2012)
Capped players: 308 Capped players: 175 Capped players: 65
Highest individual score: 400* (Brian Lara) Highest individual score: 215 (Chris Gayle) Highest individual score: 117 (CH Gayle)
Most career runs: 11,953 (Brian Lara) Most career runs: 10,405 (Brian Lara) Most career runs: 1,519* (CH Gayle)
Best bowling (innings): 9/95 (Jack Noreiga) Best bowling: 7/51 (Winston Davis) Best bowling: 5/26 (DJG Sammy)
Best bowling (match): 14/149 (Michael Holding)

Most career wickets: 519 (Courtney Walsh) Most career wickets: 227 (Courtney Walsh) Most career wickets: 52* (DJJ Bravo)
Highest team inns: 790/3 v Pakistan - 1958 Highest team inns: 372/2 v Zimbabwe - 2015 Highest team inns: 245/6 v India - 2016
Highest run chase achieved:  418/7 v Australia - 2003 Highest run chase achieved: 300/3 v South Africa - 2004 Highest run chase achieved: 236/6 v South Africa - 2015
Average RpO: 3.04 Average RpO: 4.73 Average RpO: 7.75

Top run-scorers
11912 - BC Lara
11867 - S Chanderpaul
8540 - IVA Richards
8032 - GS Sobers
7558 - CG Greenidge
10348 - BC Lara
9166 - CH Gayle
8778 - S Chanderpaul
8648 - DL Haynes
6721 - IVA Richards
1519 - CH Gayle
1186 - ML Samuels
1142 - DJ Bravo
862 - LMP Simmons
742 - KA Pollard

Top wicket-takers
519 - CA Walsh
405 - CEL Ambrose
376 - MD Marshall
309 - LR Gibbs
259 - J Garner
227 - CA Walsh
225 - CEL Ambrose
199 - DJ Bravo
193 - CL Hooper
163 - CH Gayle
52 - DJ Bravo
44 - DJG Sammy
42 - S Badree
40 - SP Narine
- R Rampaul

Partnership Records
1st - 298 - CG Greenidge/DL Haynes
2nd - 446 - CC Hunte/GSA Sobers
3rd - 338 - EDC Weekes/FMM Worrell
4th - 399 - GSA Sobers/FMM Worrell
5th - 322 - BC Lara/JC Adams
6th - 282* - BC Lara/RD Jacobs
7th - 347 - DSE Atkinson/C Depeiza
8th - 148 - JC Adams/FA Rose
9th - 161 - CH Lloyd/AME Roberts
10th - 143 - D Ramdin/TL Best
1st - 200* - SC Williams/S Chanderpaul
2nd - 372 - CH Gayle/MN Samuels
3rd - 258 - DM Bravo/D Ramdin
4th - 226 - S Chanderpaul/CL Hooper
5th - 156 -
DM Bravo/KA Pollard
6th - 154 - RB Richardson/PJL Dujon
7th - 115 - PJL Dujon/MD Marshall
8th - 101 - AD Russell/DJG Sammy
9th - 77 - RR Sarwan/IDR Bradshaw
10th - 106* - IVA Richards/MA Holding
1st - 145 - CH Gayle/DS Smith
2nd - 152 - CH Gayle/MN Samuels
3rd - 108* - CH Gayle/KA Pollard
4th - 80 -
LMP Simmons/AD Russell
5th - 77 - RR Sarwan/DJ Bravo
6th - 73 - LMP Simmons/D Ramdin
7th - 73 - RS Morton/D Ramdin
8th - 40* - N Deonarine/DJG Sammy
9th - 66 -
DJ Bravo/JE Taylor
10th - 20 - NO Miller/SJ Benn

As at March 25 , 2017


The West Indian cricket team, also known colloquially as the West Indies or the Windies, is a multi-national cricket team representing a sporting confederation of 15 mainly English-speaking Caribbean countries, British dependencies and non-British dependencies.

From the mid 1970s to the early 1990s, the West Indies team was one of the strongest in the world in both Test and One Day International cricket. A number of cricketers considered among the best in the world have hailed from the West Indies; Sir Garfield Sobers, Lance Gibbs, Gordon Greenidge, George Headley, Clive Lloyd, Malcolm Marshall, Andy Roberts and Everton Weekes have all been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, while world-record holders Brian Lara and Sir Viv Richards were both West Indies Test players.

The history of the West Indies cricket team began in the 1890s, when the first representative sides were selected to play visiting English sides. The WICB joined the sport's international ruling body, the Imperial Cricket Conference, in 1926, and played their first official international match, granted Test status, in 1928 thus becoming the fourth Test nation.

Although blessed with some great players in their early days as a Test nation, and beating England for the first time at Lord's on 29 June 1950, their successes remained sporadic until the 1960s when the side changed from a white-dominated to a black-dominated side. By the 1970s, the West Indies had a side recognised as unofficial world champions, a reputation they retained throughout the 1980s. During these glory years, the Windies were noted for their four-man fast bowling attack, backed up by some of the best batsmen in the world.

The 1980s saw them set a then-record streak of 11 consecutive Test victories in 1984 and inflict two 5–0 "blackwashes" against the old enemy of England. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, however, West Indian cricket declined, largely due to the failure of the West Indian Cricket Board to move the game from an amateur pastime to a professional sport coupled with the general economic decline in West Indian countries, and the team today is struggling to regain its past glory. The West Indies are currently ranked 8th out of the 10 Test playing nations, and 7th in the One Day International rankings, which likewise only cover the 10 Test playing nations.

In their early days in the 1930s, the side represented the British colonies of the West Indies Federation plus British Guiana.

National teams also exist for the various different islands, which, as they are all separate countries, very much keep their local identities and support their local favourites. These national teams take part in the West Indian first-class competition, the Carib Beer Cup (earlier known as the Busta Cup, Shell Shield and various other names). It is also common for other international teams to play the island teams for warm-up games before they take on the combined West Indies team.

When playing one-day cricket, the Windies wear a maroon shirt, with grey around the sides. The shirt also sports the logo of the West Indian Cricket Board and the name of their sponsors, at present, Digicel. The one-day cap is maroon with the WICB logo on the left of the front, with two yellow stripes separated by a green stripe running vertically on the right of the front.

When playing first-class cricket, in addition to their cricket flannels West Indian fielders sometimes wear a maroon sunhat with a wide brim. The WICB logo is on the middle of the front of the hat. Helmets are coloured similarly.

During World Series Cricket, coloured uniforms were adopted. The initial West Indies uniform was pink and was later changed to maroon to match their Test match caps. Grey was also added as a secondary colour. In some of their uniforms grey has been dominant over the traditional maroon.