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Competition Disclaimer:

  • Start date 25 August 2023 and end date 28 Oct 2023

  • Information will be kept confidential, and will only be used to conduct winner draws

  • Standard Multichoice competition terms & conditions apply, and can be found on

  • The competition is limited to SA and Namibia only, and for persons 18 years and older

  • The prizes are a daily R2 000 sports voucher (online)

  • The payments will be facilitated within an eight-week period of winner confirmation and receipt of the required documentation

  • The required documentation includes a completed prize acceptance letter, and a clear copy of your SA/Namibia ID

  • All players of the quiz who sign in will be eligible for the prize draws

  • The winners will be drawn via an electronic system, with the results verified by external auditors

  • Winners will be contacted via email and/or cell phone, and listed on