Biden joins Morocco PM for historic World Cup match

football14 December 2022 20:22| © AFP
France V Morocco © @FIFAWorldCup

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday kept short a speech to African leaders and joined Morocco's prime minister to watch the country play in a historic World Cup semifinal against France.

Biden, not known for being punctual or concise, was keenly aware of the World Cup match in Qatar as he addressed nearly 50 heads of state gathered in Washington.

"I know you're saying to yourselves, make it short, Biden, there's a semifinal game coming up. I get it," he said to laughter and applause.

He quipped that he saw climate envoy John Kerry, a well-known fan of soccer, nodding in agreement.

Biden stayed true to his word, wrapping up shortly after kickoff. He then watched the match with Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch and several other leaders attending the summit at central Washington's convention centre, according to the White House.

Biden in his speech saluted Morocco for being the first African nation to make it so far in the World Cup.

The United States was eliminated earlier in the tournament by The Netherlands.

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