Boost for SA’s premier cycling team

cycling21 September 2023 11:40
Team Dimension Data @ Getty images

SA’s Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, previously known as Team Dimension Data and NTT Pro Cycling, has been given a major lift with the announcement that Dell Technologies is on board as a partner.

Technology plays a pivotal role in helping the world’s top sportsmen and women overcome the limits of human performance through continuous innovation and ever-evolving sports engineering.

This is never truer than in professional cycling, where tactics, teamwork, technique and split-second bursts of speed – among many other factors – dictate the difference between winning and losing.

Dell Technologies is proud to renew its involvement in the world of cycling by partnering with the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team.

General Manager Doug Ryder explains that Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is a progressive, diverse team that pushes the boundaries of performance cycling while setting out to redefine the future of the sport and its impact on the world.

“We believe in the power of the peloton to move people and performance forward, and we are committed to getting the best out of each member of the team,” he says.

By supporting the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team with robust, cutting-edge solutions, Dell embraced the opportunity to help this highly innovative, passionate team lift its game even higher. Commenting on the role of technology in the team’s success, Doug says innovation is driven by data.

“We make extensive use of data-driven rider selection as well as pre, post and during race data that we leverage to make more informed decisions faster. Technology definitely gives us a competitive advantage as through greater insight and active intelligence we can give our riders the best chance of success.”

The synergies between Dell and the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team extend even further, as both care about uplifting communities, sustainability and the environment. For example, the team and some of its key sponsors work with Qhubeka, a charitable social mobility organisation that donates bicycles to schoolchildren and key workers across South Africa and southern Africa, helping rural communities move forward.

“We have always been a purpose-led team that focuses on people, performance and the planet,” Ryder says. “We do this by using our power, success and partnerships to make vast improvements in communities."

“We race over 200 days across the globe, and the logistics of moving cyclists to all those different events don’t stop just because we’re on the road,” Doug says. “Having fast, reliable technology is incredibly important – we couldn’t survive without it. We need a mobile, secure, connected space to make it all work and, with its ability to make that happen, Dell is the perfect partner for our team.”