Ocon 'hurt' by online attacks after crash into Alpine teammate

rugby31 May 2024 19:20| © AFP
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Esteban Ocon © Getty Images

Esteban Ocon spoke out on Friday against social media attacks directed at him following his Monaco Grand Prix opening lap crash into Alpine teammate Pierre Gasly.

Ocon incurred the wrath of his Alpine team boss Bruno Famin after his lunge past Gasly left his car badly damaged and out of last Sunday's race.

"This kind of incident is quite sad. Esteban's attack on Gasly was exactly what we did not want to see and we will draw the consequences," Famin said.

That led to suggestions the team may suspend Ocon for the Canadian Grand Prix but when contacted by AFP Alpine said it "would not comment" on that, describing a possible ban as "rumour".

Ocon, who picked up a five-place grid penalty for the Montreal race on June 9, immediately accepted blame for the incident which also infuriated his fellow Frenchman Gasly.

"A lot was said after the Monaco Grand Prix," Ocon wrote on Friday.

"If I received numerous messages of support I was deeply hurt by the amount of insults and negativity I got online about my character, my driving and about my career".

He continued: "The distorted comments and gross misinformation that I've seen online over the past few days regarding my capacity to work with a team are false, hurting and damaging," wrote Ocon.

He said he had assumed responsibility for the accident and despite his retirement was happy the team had added a point in what had been a difficult start to the season.

He added: "I respect Pierre as a teammate and rival. We've always worked collaboratively and professionally in the team and that's going to continue.

"I can't wait to race in Montreal."