Bulls Hero of the Week: Kurt Lee Arendse

rugby29 March 2023 05:24| © SuperSport
By:Brenden Nel
Kurt-Lee Arendse © SuperSport

There are very few occasions when the return of a player makes such a profound difference that it gets everyone up and talking. But Kurt-Lee Arendse’s return to the Bulls set-up was one of those.

The diminutive winger, who scored a beauty of a try against Ulster, and was aided by his Springbok teammate Canan Moodie, made an immediate impact on the game. So much so that Bulls fans would have been wondering if missing him wasn’t the elixir to all their ills.

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Arendse’s sniping runs from the back of the field, his constant linking up with the rest of the side and the danger that he brings to any attack has been one of the things that have elevated him to the Springbok side.

And last weekend it was more than apparent why he was so missed by the Bulls.

His team never got the victory in the end, and were done in by a few iffy calls, but Arendse’s impact will be remembered for a time to come and the Bulls will know his worth as the season gets to the business end.