Owens and Zayn end the Usos historic title reign

wwe02 April 2023 16:22

On WrestleMania Saturday, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens closed the book on the historic reign of The Usos by capturing the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles, Rhea Ripley conquered Charlotte Flair to become SmackDown Women's Champion, United States Champion Austin Theory defeated John Cena, Rey Mysterio outfought his son Dominik Mysterio, Trish Stratus, Lita & Becky Lynch took down Damage CTRL, Seth "Freakin" Rollins bested Logan Paul, The Street Profits won the WrestleMania Showcase Match and Pat McAfee emerged to hand The Miz a humiliating loss.


The past met the future as John Cena challenged Austin Theory for Cena’s signature title, the United States Championship. It was the youngster who defeated his childhood idol to kick off WrestleMania 39.

Cena toyed with Theory to start, but it only enraged the champion who responded by biting the 16-time World Champion’s ear. After an impressive few minutes from Theory, Cena locked in an STF submission, but Theory again used his teeth to break the hold.

Theory countered the AA and nailed a DDT, later locking in a sleeper hold, but Cena fought out. After a few shoulder tackles, Cena hit his signature Five Knuckle Shuffle, but an ensuing scuffle knocked down the WWE Official.

With the ref down, Cena locked in the STF and forced Theory to tap out, but without an official, it didn’t matter. Cena tried waking the referee, but Theory hit Cena below the belt and nailed A-Town Down, retaining his title and securing the biggest win of his career at WrestleMania 39.


Fatal 4-Way Tag Team action exhilarated the WWE Universe at WrestleMania 39 as The Street Profits’ Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins took home the victory in the Men’s WrestleMania Showcase Match.

The action was fast and furious as Chad Gable and Ricochet used their unique styles to try and win it early for their respective teams. All eight Superstars found their way into the ring and the match devolved into chaos. Several Superstars attempted top rope splashes, but it was Braun Strowman – of all people – who nailed a crushing splash. A massive double suplex aided by a splash from Ricochet knocked down every Superstar but Strowman.

The Monster of All Monsters proceeded to run around ringside and blast everyone in his way, but Dawkins crushed him with a big tackle of his own. Ricochet attempted a shooting star splash just moments later, but Dawkins got his knees up and Ford followed it up with a huge splash of his own, allowing The Street Profits to pick up the win.


A matchup between two of the brashest, in-your-face Superstars went the way of the flamboyant Seth “Freakin” Rollins as he dispatched the social media mogul, Logan Paul. Rollins started the match by mocking Paul, but The Maverick surprised Rollins by displaying his incredible athleticism and vicious right hand.

That strike, which incapacitated Rollins on two separate occasions in the past, became Paul’s go-to as it buckled Rollins and kept him down for a time. Paul attempted a remarkable moonsault after jumping from the canvas to the top rope, but Rollins moved out of the way causing Paul to crash and burn.

Rollins hit a trio of top suicide dives and proceeded to crush the right hand of Paul with a powerful Stomp on the steel steps. With Paul in trouble, his Prime Target mascot pulled him out of the ring, only to reveal himself as Paul’s business partner and boxer, KSI.

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However, Paul and KSI’s plan went awry as Rollins pulled KSI onto the table and Logan crashed through him instead. Rollins rolled Paul into the ring and nailed a pedigree, but Paul kicked out. After a back-and-forth, Paul hit Rollins with a desperation GTS.

An incredible frog splash by Paul couldn’t put away The Architect, and his attempt at a coast-to-coast was met with a crazy superkick out of nowhere. Rollins mustered up enough energy to hit the Stomp and send the crowd into a frenzy with his victory over Paul.


The trio of Becky Lynch, Lita & Trish Stratus managed to finally silence the villainous Damage CTRL in an incredible Six-Woman Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 39.

Lynch started the match for her team, but it didn’t go as planned as Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY kept her isolated from her team and battered the former world champion. After a struggle, Lynch finally tagged in Lita and The Queen of Extreme regained some momentum for her squad.

However, that momentum was short-lived as Bayley refocused her team and the trio singled out the WWE Hall of Famer and kept her from tagging out, all while mocking her. Lita finally managed to tag in Trish Stratus who proceeded to clean house.

Trish Stratus hit multiple strikes which led to a head scissors takedown of Bayley and Kai. With help from Lynch and Lita, Trish Stratus hit a Stratosphere taking out all of Damage CTRL. Lynch and Bayley eventually became the legal competitors, but that didn’t stop Trish Stratus from hitting a Stratusfaction on Kai.

After a Bayley-to-Belly to Trish Stratus, Sky climbed to the top rope and hit a mesmerizing moonsault taking out nearly every Superstar in the match. As everyone managed to get back to their corners, Lita became a wrecking ball as she hit a Twist of Fate and a Litasault on Kai and SKY, allowing Lynch to hit a second rope Man-handle Slam on Bayley which earned their team the victory.


The deeply personal family rivalry between Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik, reached a new level when Rey had to defeat his son at WrestleMania to teach him a lesson about respect. Rey, who came to the ring wearing a Great Muta-inspired mask in a tricked-out lowrider driven by Snoop Dogg with Eddie Guerrero’s theme song blaring, was not hesitant to go after his son, using his supreme lucha libre skills to stifle Dominik.

To the delight of the crowd, Rey undid his belt and proceeded to use it to whip his son. Angry, Dominik confronted his mother and sister, even tossing a drink in his sister’s face. Rey tried defending his daughter, Aalyah, but Dominik nailed him with a forearm shiver.

Proud of beating down his father, Dominik gloated in his mother’s face, but Angie slapped her son and the distraction allowed Rey to get back into the match. As Rey began to roll, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest appeared to back up Dominik at ringside.

Rey capitalized off another counter and hit Dominik with a 619, but Bálor distracted the WWE official long enough for Priest to knock Rey off the turnbuckle, allowing Dominik to take advantage. Out of nowhere, the newly formed Latino World Order appeared and evened the odds as Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde took out The Judgment Day.

However, amid the chaos, Dominik hit Rey with a 619 of his own followed by a frog splash, but his dad kicked out. Dominik tried to follow it up by hitting his dad with a steel chain that Priest had hid on the apron, but Bad Bunny, who was on Spanish commentary at ringside, snatched the chain from Dominik’s hands.

The distraction allowed Rey to knock Dominik into the ropes, hit another 619 and then a frog splash of his own to defeat his son.


In a WrestleMania showdown for the ages, Rhea Ripley conquered Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. With a palpable buzz in the massive crowd, Flair and Ripley locked horns and tried to test each other’s strength, but it was the challenger who managed to slam the champion face-first into the turnbuckle, giving her control of the match.

Strong strikes and a German suplex followed for Ripley and she began to mock the champion. Not one to be insulted, Flair responded with her incredible offense and knocked Ripley flat on her back. The champion began dissecting the challenger, targeting her left leg and systematically compromising Ripley’s joints.

Flair’s attempt at a flying crossbody didn’t go as planned, but Ripley’s attempted Riptide was countered into a DDT by the champion. Moments later, Flair attempted to hit her signature moonsault, but Ripley met her at the top rope and hit a release German suplex.

As the two Superstars battled, Ripley tossed Flair into the steel steps and followed it up with a major slam, but the champion kicked out. Knowing what was on the line, the two Superstars continued to batter each other, but neither could deliver the decisive blow.

Flair booted Ripley out of the ring and hit a remarkable moonsault to the outside, but her attempt at the Figure-Eight Leglock was countered into a headbutt and a Riptide, but still, Flair kicked out. Ripley returned the favor by kicking out of a spear just seconds later. Both Superstars found themselves battling at the post, and Ripley managed to knock Flair onto the top rope. The challenger scaled the turnbuckle, grabbed ahold of the champion, and hit a devastating Avalanche Riptide to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.


The stranglehold The Bloodline has on WWE has begun to loosen as Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn dethroned Jimmy & Jey Uso to become the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

Sami Zayn built a strong rapport with Jey Uso during his time in The Bloodline, but it was those two who started the match for their teams, now as bitter enemies.

The Usos showed early why they’re such dominant champions, using their incredible teamwork to keep Zayn away from his partner and unleash their tandem attacks. However, Zayn found his opening and tagged in Owens who immediately began to decimate Jimmy and Jey, highlighted by a big-time frog splash.

Zayn and Owens seized all of the momentum thanks to a brainbuster from Zayn and a Swanton Bomb from Owens, but it wasn’t quite enough to put away the champions. Zayn followed that up with the ultimate disrespect by hitting an Uso Splash on Jimmy.

The Usos wouldn’t go away quietly as they began to fight back, using their stereo superkicks to take out their opponents. Not even able to stand, Zayn was a sitting duck for The Usos’ assault but he took everything they had and still managed to kick out, electrifying the WWE Universe in the process.

Jimmy and Jey turned their attention to Owens and slammed him through the announce table, leaving Zayn even more alone in the ring. Zayn continued to fight as he became the first Superstar to ever kick out of the 1D.

Jey began to berate Zayn, slapping him and nailing him with elbows, chastising him for his time spent in The Bloodline. He even hit Zayn with his own move, the Helluva Kick. A spark of adrenaline allowed Zayn to hit an exploder suplex in the corner and he crawled his way to tag in Owens. A Helluva Kick from Zayn on Jimmy and a Stunner from Owens on Jey couldn’t put away the champions, and the ensuing brawl between all four Superstars brought the raucous crowd to its feet. The Usos capitalized, isolating Owens and hitting a double Uso Splash, but that still wasn’t enough to retain their titles.

One last gasp from Owens and Zayn proved to be enough as Zayn hit Jey with two Helluva Kicks, picked up his former Bloodline cohort, and hit him with a decisive third one to end the 622 days reign of The Usos and secure the epic Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship victory for himself and Owens.

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