WrestleMania Saturday: Rhea Ripley retains the Women's World Championship

wwe08 April 2024 11:13
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Rhea Ripley ©️ WWE

The first night of WrestleMania 40 was unforgettable, with a new Intercontinental champion, two new sets of tag team titles, and a Main Event that setup an epic clash between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.


The Women’s World Championship will remain with Rhea Ripley as Mami defeated The Man to kick off WrestleMania XL Saturday. Ripley was on a mission not to just defeat Becky Lynch, but to humiliate her with an incredible strength advantage. Ever the fighter, Lynch refused to be dominated, battling back in typical Lasskicker fashion.

The Man finally gained the upper hand thanks to her resiliency, punctuated by a huge leg drop to the back of the champion’s head, but the power of Ripley allowed her to dump the challenger on her head.



Lynch managed to lock in the Dis-arm-her on the injured elbow of Mami, but The Eradicator shocked the WWE Universe by deadlifting The Man and slamming her repeatedly onto the mat.

Ripley and Lynch traded their best shots as Ripley locked in Prism Trap and hit a Riptide while Lynch nailed a Man-handle Slam, but seemingly no move could end the epic bout. Mami and The Man found themselves precariously placed on the top rope, but Lynch’s attempt at a Super Man-handle Slam was countered into a pair of Riptides that delivered Ripley the win.




There are two new Tag Team Champion duos, The Awesome Truth and A-Town Down Under captured gold by unlatching two different sets of titles.

The action came fast and furious early on, highlighted by Tyler Bate’s incredible airplane spin on Finn Bálor as The Judgment Day star was tangled in a ladder.

The Awesome Truth and #DIY hatched a plan for each team to grab separate titles, but they were thwarted by A-Town Under who scaled the ladders to become SmackDown Tag Team Champion.



The New Day made their presence felt as Kofi Kingston flew off the top of a ladder to take out his opponents, but Xavier Woods was stopped from winning the title by Austin Theory.

R-Truth looked poised to scale the ladder and win the match, but JD McDonagh appeared and knocked him off, and The Judgment Day felt the wrath of The New Day’s steel chair attack.

Damian Priest climbed the ladder looking to retain, but R-Truth reemerged and took out his former friend, scaled the ladder and won the Raw Tag Team Title for himself and The Miz.




WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio teamed up with Andrade to take out his bitter rival Santos Escobar and his own son, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, but they also received a big boost from some Philadelphia favorites.

Like he did at WrestleMania 39, Mysterio wanted to beat some respect into his son, but “Dirty” Dom countered his father and gained the advantage for himself and Escobar.

The legendary luchador took a hellacious beating from Escobar, but he finally managed to tag in Andrade as El Idolo went to work against their opponents.



Mysterio nailed a 619 on Escobar as Andrade hit a twisting splash to the outside, but chaos ensued as all members of The LWO and Legado Del Fantasma hit the ring.

“Dirty” Dom went to go for a steel chair, but he was attacked by two masked men, allowing The LWO to regain control. Mysterio then hit a 619 and a splash for the win with the mystery men revealing themselves as NFL superstars Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles!




The City of Brotherly Love was treated to a good old-fashioned battle of brothers as Jey and Jimmy Uso threw down, with YEET overcoming NO YEET. Jey started the action with a bang as he hit his twin with a dive between the ropes before the bell could even ring.

The match became emotional as a teary-eyed Jimmy begged for his brother’s hand, and Jey immediately regretted his decision of mercy as Jimmy’s nastiness reared its ugly head once again. Jey finally managed to counter his brother into a Spear and hit an Uso Splash to earn the victory over his twin.





The team of Jade Cargill, Naomi and Bianca Belair was nothing short of a dream team as they took down Asuka, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match.

Naomi and Belair felt the wrath of the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors, as they couldn’t gain any sustained momentum.



Making her WrestleMania debut, Cargill brought the storm to her opponents by tossing around every member of Damage CTRL, which not only downed her opponents but gave her partners enough time to recover.

Asuka went for her signature mist attack, but it backfired as she hit Sane, allowing Cargill, Belair and Naomi to wipe out their competition, punctuated by a huge Jaded from Cargill.




Gunther’s record reign as Intercontinental Champion is officially over as Sami Zayn dethroned the titan at WrestleMania XL Saturday. The brutal offense of Gunther was on full display as he relentlessly chopped and attacked Zayn, including several brutal clotheslines in the corner.

Zayn refused to relent to the champion and showed an immeasurable amount of heart, managing to counter Gunther’s signature clubbing blows and sleeper hold.



A dropkick and a thunderous powerbomb seemingly had the match won for the titleholder, but Zayn once again showed the championship mettle that was needed to survive. More powerbombs, lariats and brutal strikes followed, with Gunther even taking time to mock Zayn’s wife who was sitting at ringside.

While Gunther prepared for another splash from the top rope, a defiant Zayn nailed a Helluva Kick and Brainbuster before hitting one final Helluva Kick to win the Intercontinental Title.




The Tribal Chief and The Final Boss came to Philadelphia to conquer and that’s exactly what they did by defeating Cody Rhodes and Seth “Freakin” Rollins in the main event of WrestleMania XL Saturday.

The tension was palpable as Rollins started the match against his former Shield partner, Roman Reigns, all while the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion mocked and berated his former friend.



The American Nightmare was itching to be tagged in and The Visionary obliged, giving the WWE Universe a preview of what’s to come on WrestleMania Sunday. The action quickly broke down as all four Superstars battled around Lincoln Financial Field with The Rock threatening the WWE official to make sure a count-out did not take place.

Rollins fought valiantly through a knee injury and finally tagged in his partner. The American Nightmare began to clear house, dispatching Reigns with his signature offense highlighted by a Disaster Kick and a Cody Cutter.



With Reigns isolated, the dynamic duo had the match seemingly won after a Cross Rhodes, but The Rock pulled the referee out of the ring before the three-count. As the action continued, The Rock lined up Rhodes for The People’s Elbow, but The American Nightmare countered it into a Cody Cutter.

Reigns was set on delivering a Spear, but he miscalculated and instead hit The Rock. Rhodes followed up with a Rock Bottom on The Final Boss through a table while Reigns nearly simultaneously Speared Rollins through the barricade.

In the end, The Rock whipped Rhodes one last time, planted him with a Rock Bottom and hit The People’s Elbow to give his team with the win, ensuring that the main event of WrestleMania XL Sunday is contested under Bloodline Rules.



Source: WWE