Belair and Asuka face off at Night of Champions

wwe23 May 2023 11:30

Bianca Belair’s impressive run as Raw Women’s Champion seems to show no signs of stopping. After dispatching Asuka at WrestleMania and following up with a stunning victory over IYO SKY at WWE Backlash, Belair is now the longest-reigning women’s champion in the modern era.

To celebrate, The EST held a Championship Celebration in her hometown of Knoxville. Unfortunately for Belair, the festivities were interrupted by Asuka, who sprayed The EST in the face with a toxic mist.

With this attack, Asuka cemented a WrestleMania rematch between the two for WWE Night of Champions. After being drafted to SmackDown, the two have become increasingly vicious, with Belair having an eye for retribution after Asuka’s stunning attack. The two had been partners in the past, even winning the first WWE Women’s WarGames Match at Survivor Series WarGames.

Who will come out the victor when Belair defends her Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Night of Champions?

Source: WWE