Bulls hero of the week: Elrigh Louw

rugby31 January 2023 15:11
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On what turned out to be the most frustrating night for Bulls coaches and fans alike, as the team threw away a dominant performance to go down to the Scarlets, one man stood out.

Like a barnstorming bull, Elrigh Louw found a hard running style that not only upset the home side, but carried several defenders along with it.

Louw was front and centre as the Bulls came back from a horror first half to bring themselves right back into the game with a more direct, confrontational approach.

And on the front foot, there are few more impressive running physical specimens than Louw, who used his powerful leg drives to cause chaos in the Scarlets defence.

That the Bulls didn’t capitalise on their forward dominance, and Louw’s power runs, remains a mystery.

But even though they did lose, Louw laid down a marker, and that makes him our Bulls hero of the week.