Tennis SA announces the end of its relationship with title sponsor Growthpoint properties

tennis01 June 2023 09:25
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Hlumani Kekana © Tennis SA

Tennis South Africa (TSA) has announced with regret that its long-standing partnership with Growthpoint Properties, the federation's title sponsor, will conclude on June 30, 2023. Growthpoint, a global property company, has decided not to renew its sponsorship, opting to realign its portfolio and withdraw support for tennis.

Since the unveiling of Growthpoint as the headline sponsor of TSA in July 2017, the fruitful six-year collaboration has focused on strengthening the foundations of tennis in South Africa, particularly at the grassroots level. The sponsorship encompassed junior squads and tournaments, club tennis, transformation and development initiatives, as well as masters tennis, providing comprehensive support to players and administrators across the country.

The significant contribution from Growthpoint has enabled the federation to establish four national development centres in Tshwane, Cape Town, Durban, and Soweto. These centres have played a pivotal role in cultivating the sport's roots and creating opportunities for talented young players, particularly in historically disadvantaged communities.

Nadine Briers, Head of Marketing and Communications at Growthpoint Properties, commented on the decision and conveyed her well wishes to TSA for the future.

"For six years, we have had the privilege of being a part of the South African tennis community. Through our partnership, we are incredibly proud of the progress made in developing the sport and providing rising young tennis stars with the opportunity to shine," said Briers.

"We have, however, taken some time to reevaluate our current position and determine where we can make the greatest impact. After careful consideration, we sadly believe our partnership has run its course."

TSA expressed its deep gratitude to Growthpoint for their invaluable support. While parting ways with a title sponsor is always challenging, the federation is actively engaging with other potential sponsors to secure ongoing support.

Gavin Crookes, President of TSA, conveyed his appreciation to Growthpoint and extended his well wishes for their future endeavors.

"Growthpoint's generous support has had a meaningful impact on our game. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them for their association with tennis over the past six years and wish them well for the future," said Crookes.

"With Growthpoint's assistance, TSA has evolved into one of the strongest brands in the country, and we are truly grateful for their support."

Crookes added, "Although the sponsorship has come to its natural conclusion, this departure opens up opportunities for TSA to engage in discussions with potential new and existing sponsors. We are confident that we will establish new partnerships that will further strengthen our sport soon."

While it may take time to forge new sponsor relationships in the upcoming months, TSA remains optimistic about the future and looks forward to continuing its mission of developing and promoting tennis throughout the country.